Books on racial justice, and Equality and Diversity issues by Arlington include the following:

  • Ethnicity, Nationality, and Ecclesiological Identity in Joona Salminen, trans., Vieraanvaraisuus JA Muukalaisuus [Hospitiality and Aliens], Ecumenical Theological Symposium, (Helsinki 2011), pages 77-99. here
  • Beneath the Surface - The Katrina Revelations, a report on race relations in the Southern States USA (2006) here
  • Co-editor, Asylum Voices, The Experience of People Seeking Asylum in the UK, CHP, (2003).
  • Project managed Redeeming the Time, All God’s People must Challenge Racism, CTBI, (2003).
  • ‘Black People Made in the Image of God’ in Jean Mayland, ed., Growing into God, CHP, (2003).
  • ‘Black, Black-led or What?' in Joel Edwards, ed., Lets Praise His Name, an African Caribbean Perspective on Worship (1992).
  • Revised and edited Sanctuary, Guidelines for Churches Offering Asylum Protection, (2005).
  • Beneath the Surface, CCRJ’s Fact Finding and Education Visit to the USA May 3-17 2005.