• helps organisations, churches, and church leaders to understand their internal culture by review to help determine goals necessary for becoming or strengthening bias and inclusive approaches as practitioners, thus unlocking the true value derivable from the celebration and activation of human diversity regardless of ethnic or cultural origin.

  • enables organisations, churches, and organisational leaders generally to understand the past in shaping the present and future, grasping the nettle where the historical roots of ethnic and cultural inequality prevail today, in particular where chattel enslavement (African and Asian), and colonial cultures and management have established persistent ethnic biases in the workplace.


  • provides training courses, modules, to help organisations and individuals access and apply knowledge-based approaches to key reasons for valuing ethnic diversity, with goals for sustainable development in the individual and workplace.
Arlington’s training brings out the issues and demands detailed analysis and action.


  • clarifies organisational and individual goals to discover needs, set objectives, and achieve their goals while building a culture of inclusiveness which recognises ethnic equality, the value of diversity, and the resolution of issues.
  • facilitates inclusion and diversity through workshops which lead to or enhances organisational and personal performance, recognising the value of diversity within a culture of enhanced communications and ethnic equality literacy.

Personal Coaching

  • providies personal space in which to help individuals access their goals and recognise their needs while enabling them to plan for achieving those goals in personal development.