Research & Training

AW Trotman Associates undertakes research, mentoring, fundraising, provides training in equality and diversity project management. We enable individuals and organisations to develop best practice whilst maximizing performance.

1. Training: We offer five  equalities and diversity workshop modules including training on legislation, diversity management, addressing fears, developing best practice methodologies and appropriate language.
2. Social Policy Research: We undertake research projects utilising quantitative and qualitative methodologies across a wide field, including community cohesion and development, equalities policy and practice, needs analyses, options analyses, and strategic policy development.
3. Education: We prepare and deliver lectures and papers, for example, on inclusiveness, otherness, intercultural and citizenship education.
4. Evaluations, Mapping and Audits: We conduct evaluations, mapping exercises, audits and analytical studies leading to full reports with recommendations designed to meet the specific aims and objectives of our clients. 
5. Facilitation: We plan and facilitate events, i.e., conferences, consultations, focus groups, team building events, and future conferences.


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