USA Mid-term Elections

It is a sobering thought, yet not entirely surprsing, that the USA mid-term election results which saw Republicans regaining a political foothold on Capitol Hill, is offered by some as an indication of a one-term presidency for President Barack Obama. Yet, the astonishing fact of his achievements in just two years and the promise his presidency retains are conveniently overlooked by Tea Partyers and the American right.

The determination among these and others to show that an African American exercising leadership of the free world is anathema very obviously remains at work. Regardless of the ethnic or culturtal heritage of the president, the world most devastating financial crisis which brought America and many other largely western economies to the brink of a catastrophic ruin could not be corrected in two years unilaterally or overturned without radical transformative and swift action. This has been accomplished by pumping billions of dollars into the economy left, right and centre!

A President whose values dictate the need to ensure that the security of all, not least access to adequate healthcare security, remain true to his moral compass has had the courage to change the policy which has blighted the lives of millions of America's poor, blacks mainly, for generations. The crucial importance of this achievement would only effectively be measured with time.

Mr President will need to call on the personal resources by which he was shaped and which launched him into a nation's and the world's clamour for justice and leadership; resources which transformed hopelessness and despair across the international community to expectation and hope for millions of Americans and the free world. Faith, liberty, political prudence and indisputable truth - if there is such a thing - which most will recognise must help to determine the years ahead.