A New Dawn

We watched in tearful and utter amazement as America elected its first black President, Senator Barack Obama, the highly skilled political master, the consumate intellect, progressive democrat, the original orator and communicator from Chicago. Tears of joy and gladness trickled universally and told their own stories. 

The pain of history  the expectations of a global family  the profound sense of our unity ♦ the spectre of Africa so recently unimaginable as the most significant presence that could ever occupy the Oval Office, pondering global concerns and solutions ♦ and an African American family touchingly seeking the next White House pet, all flowed almost vicariously through this universally acknowledged symbol of hope, courage and purpose. Jesse Jackson's hushed but telling sob, like so many, may have emerged on his dreadful, now splendid, recall of Memphis, Emet Til, or the Selma Edmund Pettus Bridge!

These 'four little children' were not now so much judged by the colour of their skin as by the content of their character, and came to be worthy debutants of an otherwise exclusively mono-cultural heritage. In pursuing their global vision, the President and his team will require your positive energies in support of the global good. His launch was at your service, his legacy will be yours to pick.